Welcome to the Rocker in Love Family,

where capturing your most special moments is the core of our family's mission.
Nestled in the natural beauty of Joshua Tree, California, our photography is about celebrating life, love, and the beginning of family legacies.

Our Philosophy:

It's About You

For nearly two decades, we've been devoted to wedding photography - not just as
our craft, but as a way to showcase all the beautiful moments that life is about.

When we say "It's not about us, it's about you," we're expressing the foundation of what we do: that the power of photography lies not only in the images but in the experience you have, too!

The Family Touch

As a family of photographers, we’ve turned our collective passion into a lifelong journey. 

We’ve lived life on the road, experiencing the array of American wedding traditions, all while creating bonds with couples who value the art of storytelling as much as we do.

We understand the weight of what we capture: the glimpses of love, the fleeting smiles, the intimacy of togetherness.

Each photo is an example of your individuality and the intentional way you celebrate your wedding.

The Rocker in Love Experience

Our artistry might feel effortless after 17 years, but our true focus is on the experience we provide to couples like you! 

A wedding photographer isn’t just about delivering beautiful photographs – that’s a given. It’s about how you feel when you’re being photographed.

We are with you, close and present, capturing not just how you look, but exactly how you feel.

The "Trial" - Our Promise of Comfort

To make sure you’re 100% confident and comfortable, we incorporate a “trial” into our consultation process. 

This unique step allows you to not only see yourselves through our lens but also to feel the warmth and ease that we pride ourselves in. 

This is the step where we’re able to actually meet each other and become friends! 

We want you to relive your day through photos that remind you of the joy and love you felt, not the discomfort of being in front of a camera.

Why a Family Team Matters

Working with us means you get a mix of energy, timelessness, and consistency. Our family dynamics allow us to bring multiple perspectives, making sure that we capture the fullness of your wedding celebration.

Our Values and Mission

We celebrate both the big and the small moments; the loud joy and the sparks of emotion. Our mission is to provide a photographic experience that is as individual as the couples we photograph. To us, the adventure and presence we embody in our work reflect not just a job, but a life we are grateful for – surrounded by love, art, and the honor of documenting the start of new families.

Our Type of Couple

At Rocker in Love, we are drawn to couples who treasure the quiet, authentic moments as much as the big ones. 

Those who value photography not just as art, but as the people responsible for those memories. 

Mature, intentional, and super in love, our dream clients know what’s truly important to them and celebrate it with genuine affection and care!

They are kind souls with a love for life, sharing a connection that’s sincere and vibrant.

These are couples with a deep appreciation for beautiful and meaningful things like art, music, or exploring!

 They live for both adventure and simple, everyday happiness. 

Their love is their compass, guiding them through life’s experiences and adventures, and every image we capture tells a part of their wonderful story.

Join Us

on This Journey

We invite you to connect with us, to see how our journey connects with yours. On your wedding day, you’re not just getting a photographer; you’re becoming a part of our family. <br><br>And in every shot we take, we celebrate with you, laugh with you, and sometimes, even shed a tear of joy! Because in the end, what we capture is not just a photo – it’s an authentic reflection of love.

Welcome to Rocker in Love

- where your story becomes part of our family's legacy.