If there’s one thing you should know, it’s that we are deeply dedicated to providing a stellar experience for each and every one of our couples.

From the moment we receive your inquiry to the moment you lay your eyes on that heart-stirring wedding album, we’ll be there for you - completely committed to your experience.

We’re not just your Joshua Tree wedding photographers - we’re your backstage dream team. We’ll guide you, support you, and cheer for you… all while shedding happy tears for you behind the camera.

Because we’re invested in you and your love!

"We are so grateful to have found a Grasi, Dani, and Otto, photography
team that helped us to relive our beautiful day for years to come!
We had an absolutely wonderful experience. "

- Bree & Jesse

Here Are Our
3 Core Values You Should Know About

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Beyond beautiful images

Don’t get us wrong, beautiful photos are important – we’ve got that covered – but what really matters is:


The point of photography is getting back to that moment – at any time in the future – and it doesn’t matter how beautiful the image is on camera if you felt awkward while taking it.  

Our focus is, above all, making sure you have an AMAZING experience. 


One that actually allows you to relax, be present, and fully enjoy your day. That in-person experience will reflect in truly amazing images that bring you back to your day over and over again.

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Like any relationship: trust is the key.

That hesitation to open up and be vulnerable is completely natural to the human experience.

You spent a great deal of time and energy dreaming about a day that has so much meaning. So when it finally arrives, how can you relax, be present, and fully enjoy your day?


The key is to trust your vendors and most importantly – your photographers. We have the responsibility – and honor – to not only document all the details you intentionally planned but also the feelings and emotions of the day. And that documentation is not only for you but for all of those who weren’t present –  or haven’t even been born yet. 


That’s an immense responsibility, and we don’t expect you to entrust us with that responsibility right away. And that’s why we added a trial to our consultations.


It means you get to see our beautiful images with YOU on them, and most importantly, you get to know how you feel being photographed by us. It makes the process of trusting simple and transparent on what to expect exactly before, during, and after your wedding day

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From our family to yours

Our little human sits in our laps as we flip through the pages of our wedding album, recounting the stories of the start of our family – his family!


Looking back, what we’ve learned over and over is that the little moments you don’t expect captured are the ones that, years later, mean the most. It’s the family members no longer with us. It’s the love in our eyes, forever in those images.


It’s the celebration, the joy, and those quiet moments… The big but also the unexpected, the little and in-between moments. That’s what we promise you – all the real emotions so that you will always be able to look back and remember the joy and love.


We do so that in ten years, twenty years, fifty years, your littles and maybe grand littles, can sit on your lap as you recount the joy of your beginning. We do it in a way that gives you the trust to sit back, relax, be present, and fully enjoy your day.

Important things that are the heart
of how we work with our couples:

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You value experiences over anything else

You’re kind and love openly, mirroring the love you show your friends and family

You do things on purpose, always intentionally and true to who you are

You’re open to new experiences, but know your boundaries and limits

You love challenging adventures, knowing life is about doing scary things at times

You pay attention and enjoy each moment you’re in

You prioritize cultivating a meaningful bond between you and your partner, as well as the people you care about

You believe that love is for everyone, no matter how you look or who you love

You feel free enough to be yourself and create a safe space for others to feel the same


How can we guarantee you'll absolutely love your images and full experience with us?

Our Process


The sooner the better. If you aren’t set on the date or location, that’s totally fine! Just leave that part blank, and otherwise fill out our contact form with as much detail as you can about yourselves, your relationship and your ideas for your special day.

After receiving your form, we set up a video call so we can meet you, know all about your plans, and answer any questions you may have. If we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll schedule a trial experience that doubles as an engagement session. During this session, you’ll determine if you LOVE our work and, more importantly, how you feel being photographed by us.
Joshua Tree Wedding
Joshua Tree Wedding Photographer

We will send you an exclusive engagement photo session guide to help you prepare, be confident, and relax with our best advice. At the engagement session, we’ll spend an hour getting to know each other and creating some magic together.

A few days after your trial, we’ll have the images ready for your online review session. That’s where you’ll be able to get an in-depth view of our work, but now with YOU in it. That’s when you’ll able to really know if we’re a perfect match for each other and be able to book with confidence.

Pre-Wedding Rundown

1 - BOOK

To officially book and save your date in our calendar, we will send you a contract and invoice for our standard 40% retainer. Once the contract is signed and retainer is paid, welcome to the family!

We will be sending you our welcome package along with our exclusive client guide with all our best ideas and advice to make planning an intentional, stress-free, enjoyable time. From there we’ll be a click, a call, a video chat away for any help you may need.

All our attention will be focused on you. We will set a final online Pre-Wedding meeting to go through the timeline, make sure we are on the same page, and get extra excited together!
Joshua Tree Wedding Photographer

The Ever After


The best day ever marrying the love of your life! With every memory captured, telling your story as honestly and beautifully as ever, so you can simply relax and be present on your day.

Because we will be just as excited as you to deliver the photographs, just 3 days after your wedding you will get a special treat from us! A short surprise slideshow with some of our favorite images of your wedding. View this as a little teaser for you to relive the joy of your day and share with everyone you know.
Joshua Tree Wedding
Joshua Tree Wedding
Joshua Tree Wedding Photographer

On the exact day of your first month anniversary (4 weeks post-wedding), get the champagne ready to celebrate and relive your full day. We deliver all the photos via a custom online gallery, which you will be able to access, save, and share.

Your gallery will be connected to our professional lab where you can choose images for your wedding album and prints with just the click of a button. Get ready to have your beautiful images decorating your home!