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Elopement VS Big Weddings
The Pros and Cons

Congratulations on taking the next step to spend forever with your partner! 

Elopement VS Big Weddings
The Pros and Cons

Congratulations on taking the next step to spend forever with your partner! 

Now that you’ve decided on one of the most important decisions of your life, I’m sure you must be racking your brain thinking about how exactly you want to celebrate it. 

You may be caught between having a big wedding party or eloping for a more intimate wedding experience. 

So which exactly should you go for? 

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How should you celebrate your wedding? 

While we would not want to push you to make a decision because after all your wedding is all about you… We will however outline the pros and cons of each wedding so you can decide for yourself which fits best into your and your partner’s personality and vibe. 

What is an Elopement

Eloping means foregoing a traditional wedding in favor of a more intimate ceremony. 

It doesn’t necessarily imply that you and your partner went on a secret getaway without telling anyone.

You need to see elopements as an intentionally small, intimate, and authentic wedding experience that truly reflects your relationship and the focus of the day is on no one else but you two.

The old-fashioned meaning of the word “elopement” is running away to get married without the knowledge of the parents.

This already makes an elopement wedding look bad even today. But the modern-day definition has changed it to something more meaningful for couples.

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“Eloping is simply getting married with a smaller number of guests (or none), in a beautiful, meaningful location, where the whole day is all about the two of you.”

Pros of Having an Elopement

It doesn’t matter whether it’s just the two of you or you plan to invite a few people along. 

An elopement is an intimate thing that involves spending your best moments with your favorite people. 

So what are the pros of elopement? Let’s find out below!

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Minimal drama

In an elopement, the focus is primarily on you and your partner. 

Sometimes big weddings can get into a cycle of pressure and overwhelm but with an elopement, it is calmer and less demanding.

When choosing to Elope the drama is naturally minimized just by the fact that you are not bent on making sure everyone else is happy and sometimes at the expense of your happiness. 

You might end up fatigued at the end of the day without really having the fun you dreamed of. 

Fewer location limits

In an elopement, it’s easier to get married anywhere!

On the beach, the mountains, parks, National Parks, and your backyard. 

You just name it. You can be spontaneous. 

There are almost no limits!

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What guest list?

Another major source of stress when planning a traditional wedding is the choice of who to invite and who not too.

Then there’s also where to seat people at the reception. But with an elopement, you only need to plan for two! 

Or a bit more depending on the people you want to witness your elopement.


Most couples do not have more than 20 guests at their elopement. It’s usually just the closest people to them. 

Your elopement could include just your immediate family and a few close friends too!


In many US States, you only need two witnesses to be legally married. And they could be your photographer, videographer, or stylist.


A big wedding has a lot more people attending. Anywhere from 50 to hundreds of people.

And as a couple, you may not know every single person at your wedding. 

You may know of them, but you really may not know them. At a big wedding, people tend to bring a +1 like a partner, girlfriend, or boyfriend. 

So chances are, you will be introduced to people on your wedding day and not all couples can deal with that.

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Cons of an Elopement

With an elopement, 


You’ll have very few guests if any

You might face an awkward situation with some friends & family afterward as some might feel excluded.


You might not get to experience some of the classic big wedding traditions like bouquet throw, speeches, dance, and all.

Now let's talk about big weddings!

Sounds like we are “pro-elopement” but stay with us here: We LOVE photographing big weddings too! 


Big weddings come with a lot of fun and excitement and involve the opportunity to host as many guests as possible. 


Pros of Having a Big Wedding

An opportunity for both families to bond

A wedding is a great place to strengthen bonds. It’s a union of two families where you meet, interact and build bonds. 

It’s widely believed that when you marry someone, you also marry their family.

Yes, the marriage is between you and your partner, but in a big wedding, you allow others to share in your joy. 

Whether you are the type that wants all the classic wedding traditions, or an alternative, layback couple that loves the idea of being surrounded by all your favorite people, then this is perfect!

Big Weddings can be very fun!

There is something special about being surrounded by all of your friends and family on your big day. For many people, having all their family and friends around for the big day can translate into a lot of fun for them.  Your guests will likely talk about your wedding for years to come. 

With a big wedding, you can show your loved ones how much you appreciate them.

Elopement VS Big Weddings The Pros and Cons

Cons of Having a Big Wedding


In planning a big wedding, most of the time, you need to do more tasks compared to an elopement. Cos you’re taking care of a larger number of guests.

Say you’re planning a wedding for 200 guests. This means you need to first get a venue that can accommodate that number, then, food and drinks for 200 people, flowers and decoration for every table.

You may even have to organize buses for your guests at the end of the day? The logistics and thinking go on…

Limitation Involved 

Big weddings restrict you to where you can have your logistics in place. You need a place that can accommodate 100+ guests. 

Don’t forget parking spaces, children’s safety, access for the elderly, accommodation, etc. 

So, when more people are involved your options might reduce.

Time Together

In an Elopement, you are almost together throughout the whole time. Sometimes, even getting ready together and spending every minute focused on each other’s company. 

In a traditional wedding, most time, couples sleep at different locations.

They meet at the ceremony venue.

Even at the wedding reception, both of them are busy trying to speak to and appreciate all their guests.

They might not end up spending so much time together eventually.

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Should you go for a big Wedding or an Elopement

Whether it’s a big wedding you decided to have or an elopement.

Both choices are valid!🤗

There’s no right or wrong way to go about a wedding. Just choose which one works for you. 

Whatever option you are considering, ask yourself 


Whatever you do, ensure it is for the right reasons.

At the end of the day, the goal is to look back and smile when reliving the experience. 

It is your wedding!

So Do What’s Best for You!

Whatever you decide, it’s important to feel right and valid. 

Because those moments are not just epic and mundane photoshoots. 

They are forever memories.

Whether you decide that your vibe and that of your partner is for an elopement or a big wedding, we can capture the special moments beyond your expectations! 

And we have a Portfolio of over 15 years of experience to prove that to you!

Do you need help coordinating and capturing all the beautiful moments for your wedding? 

The kind of photos that years from now your kids would look at and feel like they were a part and parcel of the ceremony? 

Then Contact Us Today at Rocker in Love! 

We’re happy to help you achieve your Dream Wedding

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Elopement VS Big Weddings The Pros and Cons

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